Duplicell P199 Eye Therapy Review – Where to Buy Stem Cell Stimulator?

The science behind stem cells is complicated and I am the least bothered about that, what I want is my skin to get back shine and luster it always had till now! A woman at the salon suggested me to try this Duplicell P199 Eye Therapy. This is essentially a stem cell stimulator.

I got my trial pack online. Yes they do offer trials.

Now what’s a Stem Cell Stimulator?

It’s a serum that penetrates into the skin quite swiftly and helps skin get rejuvenated from within. It is formulated to eliminate wrinkles and lines effectively. The main ingredient in it is Peptide 199 (p199) which along with other moisturizing agents and skin tensors, increases elasticity and removes aging signs from the skin.

How does it work on your skin?

This stem cell stimulating serum helps your skin to get

  • Plumped
  • Smoothen
  • Brighter
  • More elastic
  • Firmer and
  • Hydrated

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By replenishing skin cells, the serum helps retain vitality of your skin. Also protects your skin from environmental damage, stress, irritation, while repairing and regenerating the skin cells from the cellular level.

Duplicell P199 Eye Therapy

What Benefits you get-

Duplicell P199 Eye Therapy helps in removing the appearance of –

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Puffiness and under eye bags
  • Provides 24 hour long protection

The product works great for lines on the forehead and near the mouth as well. In fact you can apply it as a topical serum on any part of the kin you want to feel young from.


Honestly, you can get real results in a day or two. It takes at least a week or two to observe slight changes depending on person to person. I a sure the trial pack will tell you if you need to buy it again!


This product is a naturally enhanced formula which helps you get a younger skin

  • No need for frequent expensive visits to the dermatologist’s clinics
  • It’s a topical serum, non invasive
  • Light and smooth texture, you can even wear under your makeup
  • It is a gentle formula, non allergic and does not clog pores either

Do I Recommend this Eye Serum?

Of course I do. Begin using this serum now and ditch those harmful methods. It is all natural and helps you manage younger looking skin easily.

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 Where to Buy this Stem Cell Stimulator?

You can make a deal online, it not available at the stores. To claim a free trial better check availability at the company website of Duplicell P199 Eye Therapy.

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